Vintage Blender: Aqua

At it again with the blenders- this is my third. I love the way the glass turned out on this, and the chrome has a vague resemblance to chrome.

Someone asked me how I would describe my art – what style. I’m not sure. I look on Instagram and I don’t see analogous painting styles. Perhaps I am embracing the messiness more than some. I’m not sure.

7 thoughts on “Vintage Blender: Aqua

  1. These are great. You really capture the glass well. Something I admire, as I’m not as good as you…

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s most definitely a meditation on color and shape, it’s surprising what we do and don’t see in a normal day. Glass is all sorts of colors and reflections – something I’ve been enjoying working on. We are all growing in our practice with each time we sit at the easel.

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