Last painting of 2016

Last painting of 2016

My last painting of 2016 was completed on December 31.

What do I circle back to? A blender, of course. Acrylic on Ampersand Gessobord- one of the most responsive materials that I have ever used. Rosemary Brushes and Gessobord are a match made in heaven!

This year I’m going to try to sell more art. Last year I sold three pieces without putting too much effort in, so this year I’m going to hustle.

I’ve reopened my Etsy, just waiting on a name change to finalize.

In my personal life I’ve got a few updates – my husband and I just moved from San Jose to Redwood City to shorten our commutes by 45 minutes each way. I can bike to work, and we just built a portfolio carrier for my bicycle based on this Instructable¬†which should work really well! I’ll be taking a figure drawing class through Stanford Continuing Studies this next quarter.

When we moved we ditched the TV and it’s been a month. I haven’t missed it yet.


Florida, Blender, NASA

Florida, Blender, NASA

Tomorrow I leave for vacation to Florida – we’re going to see the OSIRIS-REx launch on my birthday in Cape Canaveral.

The mission for this launch is amazing – the plan is to hurtle through space to Bennu, an asteroid that comes in near-orbit to the earth roughly every 6 years. They will land on Bennu, mine a sample, and bring it back to earth some time in 2023. Because my mother in law worked on part of it we get to go to the launch!

My Mom and brother Chris will also be in Florida to visit my Grandpa and Oma. I’ll be able to see them on the trip, which will be fantastic. Chris just got his commercial pilot license and will graduate in the spring.

I spent this morning painting the blender featured above – a gorgeous yellow waring nova 1 blender. Yellow like the sunshine and citrus in Florida.


Vintage Blender: Aqua

At it again with the blenders- this is my third. I love the way the glass turned out on this, and the chrome has a vague resemblance to chrome.

Someone asked me how I would describe my art – what style. I’m not sure. I look on Instagram and I don’t see analogous painting styles. Perhaps I am embracing the messiness more than some. I’m not sure.

Rotary Phone and Rallye

I’ve finished a new painting – a rotary phone. I’ve posted it on Reddit and Imgur with interesting feedback.IMG_0475
The most common comment was that there is no cradle to hold the receiver and this bothered people. This model phone did not have the “prongs” that are typical of rotary phones. Instead, the body of the phone was curved to hold the handset.

It’s interesting to see what bothers people, or what makes them uncomfortable. Is that what art is supposed to do?

My husband and I participated in the 2016 April Fool’s Rallye¬†with our car club, ESCA. The Rallye is not based on time for completion, it is instead based on how “correct” your choices are. Each team is given two choices and you have to figure out which choice has a gimmick or tries to trick you. It’s all about rules and how you interpret them in the real world. I believe we placed first in expert class with a score of 652 out of 692 – third overall out of probably 40 people.

Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time since my jaw surgery. I’m so excited to be busy again.