hike view

I’m Katrina Hendrix and I live in Pacifica, California.

My body of work typically consists of paintings in the representational style in acrylic and oil mediums. I am a self-taught artist. Almost all of my learning has been through books, workshops, and the practice of making art. I have a background in Sociology and Library & Information Science – because of this I find how we interact endlessly fascinating. Now I spend my days working on 3d printers in a prototyping lab for a tech startup. Although I am busy, I make time to paint whenever possible.

There is delight and joy in everyday objects and beautiful design. These plasticky, metallic, purpose-built robots and useful objects are often invisible in our daily lives. Because of this, I believe in the power and magic of industrial design and the purpose and beauty of these tools and mundane objects that surround us. The memories that we share with these objects conjure the best feelings, too. Delight, nostalgia, love, and affinity. 

You can find me at art events up and down the peninsula.
I have exhibited at WORKS/San Jose, TreasureFest (Formerly Treasure Island Flea Market), Los Altos Art & Wine, Menlo Summerfest, to name a few. I look forward to meeting you!

Check out my upcoming shows!