Art Supply Organization – Paint

Art Supply Organization – Paint

Addressing the challenge of having lots and lots and lots of paint tubes

How many times did I try to figure out how to store my paint? How many pinterest pins and google searches did I explore trying to solve my problems? SO MANY! No doubt you have been in the same position. Art supply organization is hard. Really hard! Everything I found either involves buying racks, using pegboard that takes up a ton of space, or having filing drawers with custom inserts… I’ve seen it all.

For years I used a toolbox. It was portable, but nothing was easy to find. Everything was on top of everything else, and there was no way to sort by color or soft/heavy/etc.

I don’t believe you should have to spend a lot of money to solve this problem. I am firm in my believe that the solution should be elegant. Let me introduce to you my ultra minimalist art supply organization storage system for my paint.

paint organization for wall
How I store my acrylic paint in my studio

Neat, right? It’s up on the wall, visible, I can sort by color (If I wanted to) and I never have to dig through a bin or drawer to find what color I need. It’s ultra low cost, as I had this wood hanging around in my garage as scrap. I believe this should probably cost no more than $5 in materials, especially if you already have a drill, nails, screws, and wood.

Here’s how to make your own

What you need

  • 1″ Nails
  • Screws (for attaching to wall)
  • Wood – I used 1×3″ boards
  • Paint (optional)


So, I measured the space I had – there were already two posters on the wall and I wanted to use the space below. That came out to approximately 26″ wide. I cut two pieces of wood to this length and then measured for the paint tubes. Placing them side by side and approximating really helped, especially if you are using a different brand or have different sizes of tubes. My nails are spaced approximately 2″ apart. Your results may vary, but I wouldn’t go any closer than that. Besides, measuring every 2″ is *very* easy.

paint organization
Here’s what the board looks like without any paint hanging on it

Because I want the paint to hang nicely and place the boards closer together on the wall I decided to put the nails in 1/4 of the width down from the top of the board. You can see from the pictures that they aren’t nailed in along the center line. After this I drilled a screw on each end of the board so that I could fasten it directly to the wall. Your paint tubes will likely cover the screw. I drilled a countersink so the screw would be flush with the wood, but that was an aesthetic choice. It’s completely up to you!

Finally, every painter’s favorite part, color! You could leave the boards au natural, stain, or paint them. I chose to paint them. I watered down some acrylic paint and applied it directly to the wood without priming it. It gave the wood a lot of character while still showing off the grain.

There it is! If you have any other interest in DIY painting related projects please check out my other post on making a Still Life Shadow Box.

I hope you’ve found this helpful – if you do please let me know in the comments and show me your version! How have you solved organizing your art supplies?

Welcoming 2019

Hi friends!

It’s been a while again! I’ve had a ton of things going on in my life – my day job is really ramping up. My love of painting is growing wider and deeper every time I pick up the brush. I’m exploring oil painting more and finding joy in the sumptuous colors and thickness of the paint. I am working on a series of Lucky Paintings right now – you’ll see them soon! Slot machines, lucky cats, clovers… I’m learning to make my own luck.


I’m filling out my show schedule for the year – this month I’ll be at Paso Robles Art in the Park – my first show that is far from home. Next month I’ll be at TreasureFest. I was just accepted again to this year’s Menlo Summerfest, which is a great honor. I am hoping to get in to Los Altos Art & Wine, which was my best selling show last year. You can find more of my upcoming shows on the Show Page. I look forward to seeing you there! <3


I’ve been struggling somewhat though – after half a year of feeling awful I was diagnosed with Celiac. It’s an autoimmune disease in which if you eat gluten (most notably wheat, rye, barley, and derivatives) your body attacks your villi in your intestines and turns your beautiful shag carpet intestinal lining in to berber carpet. This means you can’t handle foods properly. I’ve learned so much in the past 6 months – no foods fried in oil that had gluten fried in it. Crumbs can make me sick, so we had to get a new toaster and de-gluten the house. My husband is a patient and understanding man and for that I am grateful. I am now 6 months post-diagnosis and have learned how to negotiate and navigate restaurant menus and social events, but it is isolating. It’s difficult to find gluten free food at art festivals, too. All in all, I’ve become much healthier in the past few months and I’m beginning to feel like myself again. 2018 was rough but 2019 will rock!

I hope you have been doing well.

End of Summer

End of Summer

I haven’t written a blog post in a while. Shame!

This weekend is Treasure Fest! I’ll be there selling original pieces as well as prints. Come stop by and say hi! Get your tickets here:

The last time I wrote I had just been accepted in to the Sanchez Art Center 50|50 show. 50 paintings in 50 days. I crushed it! I was really proud to finish all 50 in a timely manner. When I started I painted daily but that only lasted a week or so. Life gets in the way, and I found myself taking much needed time for myself and then making up for it on the weekends, sometimes 4 in a day. The show went really well, too. I met a ton of local artists and made some friends along the way. I’m also pumped to be able to bring some of the works to upcoming shows too.

My day job has been busy, which tires me out. I am currently not doing the best when it comes to making time for art, but I have excuses. My stomach has been hurting and I am tired. My doctors have diagnosed me as iron deficient anemic and they believe that I have celiac disease – the results showed up in a blood marker and I get to experience my first endoscopy. Although, if I’m not awake/aware for the procedure I’m not sure how much of an experience it will be.

For now I am trying to enjoying my last few days of enjoying gluten, even though it bothers my stomach. Mac and Cheese and Pierogis, oh my! I imagine when I get the official diagnosis and I stop gluten I’ll be amazed at how much better I will feel.

Fast Forward!

Holy cow. It’s been a while – AGAIN!

I have been accepted to a few Art and Wine festivals in the bay area- notably, Menlo Summerfest and Los Altos Art & Wine. I believe that these venues will provide better connections with patrons. I’m excited to meet so many new people and see familiar faces.

I’ve ordered a new set of prints of avocados, cats, lights, landscapes, and hand mixers.

My husband and I have bought a house in Pacifica, CA. We’re homeowners! Such a huge year for us – we are both turning 30. Our careers are blossoming, and we’ve adopted a second cat. It turns out when we decide to do things we go hard.

In other fantastic news, I’ve been accepted to the Sanchez Art Center annual 50/50 show. I will be crafting 50 paintings in 50 days. It seems daunting, but I think it is very possible.Ā  More information to come! I start June 1.

This weekend I will be at Treasure Fest near the 3rd street entrance. Please pop in and say hi. šŸ™‚

Holy Cow!

It’s been a while!

2017 was a great success and 2018 will be even better! I’ve applied to more shows and Austin and I are looking to purchase a home. Things got kind of crazy so I haven’t updated in a while – I changed jobs. My new job is amazing and I’ve learned so much already – even some welding skills.


Our cat Sam is as curious as ever at 8 1/2.


This year I’ll be at 4 Treasure Fest shows. I’ve applied to a few other shows, but won’t know if I get in until next month.

A Wild Month

It’s been a crazy month – I’ve put together everything I need to start out and I have been accepted to Art on the Square in Redwood City!

  • ART on the Square with blues artist, Lara PriceĀ at Music on the Square: Fri July 21, 5:00-8:30pm
  • ART on the Square with the PAL Blues & ART Festival: Sat July 22, Noon-8:00pm
  • ART on the Square with Michael Jackson tribute band, ForeverlandĀ at Music on the Square: Ā Fri August 25, 5:00-8:30pm

I’ve been working with a fantastic photographer and printer and I now have a good supply of prints. I’ll be rebooting my Etsy in the next few days for prints only.

I’ve also started playing with oil paints again. I think I’m starting to get the hang of them.

Diving into the deep end

I’ve decided to make a huge leap in to the craft business. I am currently setting up for selling at art shows and online. I’ve purchased a Showoff Canopy, print rack, and table for outdoor festivals and I am currently working on my own “show box” of holding. d I have a few more things to figure out before my first show, which will hopefully be in July or August.

Prints will be coming to my Etsy soon, as soon as I figure out a few more things. For now the Etsy page is down. I’ve had 20 of my works professionally photographed and I am working with a fantastic printer who can drop-ship to your location.

Meanwhile, if there’s anything you’re interested in on my website or Instagram email me at

Vacation – Zion National Park

Vacation – Zion National Park


Just got back from vacation – Austin and I drove out to the Grand Canyon and stayed there a few days, followed by a few days in Zion National Park. Amazing, truly amazing. Zion was my favorite out of the two – truly stunning views. Something about the glow from the red rocks makes my brain feel like it’s fizzling and sparking. Have you been? If not, you should definitely plan for a trip.



I have really been enjoying my figure drawing class.
Here is my first complete piece.

Today I will be hanging my first pieces to go in a gallery –Ā IkebanaĀ andĀ Ikebana #2

They will be in the Petite Galleria in San Jose’s Japantown. Needless to say, I am over the moon. If you are in the area please stop by to check out their collection.