Empty Mug

Empty Mug


I’ve gone through a few types of earl grey tea recently on my quest to find the most outstanding tea.

Twinings Lady Grey as well as Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey are up there for sure.

After reading lots of good things about Teavana’s Earl Grey Creme I can say for a fact that I am not a fan, even after drinking through 2oz of loose leaf.

Here’s an empty mug – an ode to finishing up that tea that wasn’t so great, and looking forward to better tea!

Canned up at home

Canned up at home

Quick painting finished – Canisters. Exploring color and shapes while being messy.

I used five colors – parchment, titanium white, dioxazine purple, payne’s grey, and raw umber. I’ve enjoyed using a limited number of paints. The background of this painting is my favorite part.

I went back to work on Monday but I’m back on disability now. I didn’t realize how tired I would be from jaw surgery. I’ll go back to work full time in two weeks. I’m glad I was able to go in for a few days this week though, I felt like I was able to get a lot done and contribute to my department. I know I will be able to do more once I heal.

Rotary Phone and Rallye

I’ve finished a new painting – a rotary phone. I’ve posted it on Reddit and Imgur with interesting feedback.IMG_0475
The most common comment was that there is no cradle to hold the receiver and this bothered people. This model phone did not have the “prongs” that are typical of rotary phones. Instead, the body of the phone was curved to hold the handset.

It’s interesting to see what bothers people, or what makes them uncomfortable. Is that what art is supposed to do?

My husband and I participated in the 2016 April Fool’s Rallye with our car club, ESCA. The Rallye is not based on time for completion, it is instead based on how “correct” your choices are. Each team is given two choices and you have to figure out which choice has a gimmick or tries to trick you. It’s all about rules and how you interpret them in the real world. I believe we placed first in expert class with a score of 652 out of 692 – third overall out of probably 40 people.

Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time since my jaw surgery. I’m so excited to be busy again.

Sketching and more about my jaw

I’m having less pain from my jaw surgery every day, which is great! What does suck is the feeling of the nerves in my chin growing back. Sometimes it feels like I’m drooling, other times it feels like bugs crawling or pinching under my skin. I’m in it for the long haul though – feeling should come back after 3-4 months.

I’m finally pleased with my Paintings section of my website – they’re currently all available.

I’ve added my second sketch for Reddit Gets Drawn to this post. Quick studies can be very helpful when trying to understand facial structure, and often times it pays off to think about the relationship of lines. Proko has some great videos on how to sketch faces and heads.

Rubber Banned

It has been 17 days since my lower jaw surgery and today I went to the orthodontist for the first time since the procedure. They have changed the way my bands are positioned to help pull my jaw to the right a little more. I go back again in four weeks to have my archwires changed, supposedly. I’m doing well recovery-wise. I tire easily still, but I’ve had time and energy to paint and work on graphics projects for a friend.


I’m still working on setting up the website.