No rain

It hardly ever rains here in California. When I moved here I was surprised how brown it is. Anything green is because of irrigation unless it’s December.


I spent this morning working on a logo design for a friend and the creative juices kept going – what came of it is the illustration above, walking in the rain in rubber boots. Great thanks to Kyle’s Megabrush pack.

4 thoughts on “No rain

  1. Yes….unless you live on the north coast. I looked it up one time and we have what you call a Mediterranean climate. I do hate it when it turns brown and hot in the summer, but when the rains start in October, yay!


    • I haven’t been to the north coast yet – I hear it is beautiful. I am so looking forward to rain! It’s fantastic how the hills turn green seemingly overnight.
      The weather here is so perfect, I just miss summer thunderstorms 🙂

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      • Oh I understand, in our area we freak out when we have summer thunderstorms, usually that means forest fires. 😦 I do love when we actually do get rain with them, so refreshing and the threat of fire is less. The north coast is beautiful, our favorite place to vacation 🙂


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