Selling Art – Thoughts

After thinking about it for a while I’ve decided to split my Instagram account. My goal with my account is to share my paintings. Not everyone wants to see pictures of me flexing or AT&T Park, but I’m sure that some people do. My Instagram @kathendrixart will now only have art. Having the two separated will give me more opportunities to post for each. Deadlifts and squats on one, paintings on the other.

I’ve amassed quite a number of paintings and it’s about time that they get a new home. I’m exploring how I can best sell them – etsy? ebay?

I’m not sure if dailypaintworks is a good place to sell. I want to know the metrics, see what sells, for how much, etc. I’m not sure how much my art is worth to others. Would others agree with what I think my art should be priced? I suppose I won’t find out until I try.

One thought on “Selling Art – Thoughts

  1. I rather like Daily Paintworks for my art sales. However, I almost sell as much from a local art gallery. Right now, I’m posting on DPW and when I’m ready to put it in a gallery, I put it on hold, which is a nice feature for tracking my work and where it might be and its status. In any case, I’m interested in learning more about Instagram. I have an account but don’t know yet how to use it.

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