This is the first of a series of Ikebana paintings, each 4×4″

I love florals but the stark complexity of ikebana-style arrangements are so captivating. Combine that with a moody background and you’ve got something kind of special going on. It definitely calms me to look at this painting. I am also exploring the way light hits vases and while this piece was something that I have made up it’s good to try to spend time thinking and trying to understand how light works. James Gurney’s book “Color and Light” is a fantastic resource.

I’m back at work now after a few weeks on disability but it’s good to be back at Stanford. I’ve also made it to the gym today and have been running semi-regularly. Today was shoulders and arms as well as squats (3×5 @ 115 pounds) and planks (60 seconds x 3). I have to start out slow and I’m sure I’ll hurt tomorrow but it’s good to get back into it.

3 thoughts on “Ikebana

  1. This is really lovely. I like the size, color, and composition. That soft edge of the table behind the vase is convincing and creates a sense of space in a small painting. Nice job. My husband went to Stanford, that’s where you are, right? Keep running! 🙂

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